Wits Says First-year Applicants Must Stick to Deadlines

Wits Campus

Many prospective first-year students are being left disappointed because they’ve failed to communicate with institutions that have accepted them.

There are over 210,000 spaces at universities and not all of them are being taken up.

Wits University says first-year university applicants must adhere to deadlines for accepting offers.

Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Wits University, Martin Veller, said, “once we make an offer we stand by that offer, and we therefore are very careful when we make offers.”

“What we however do expect of students, once they’ve been made an offer, is that they accept it within the deadline that we give them.”

“The reason for that is that there’s an enormous waiting list. So you again have to be fair to everybody who’s interacting with you in terms of potentially getting a position.”

“So you can’t live an offer open-ended that might not be filled at all because somebody chooses something else.”


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