VUT Blackboard: Helpful Guide to VUT LMS 2023

VUT Blackboard login access.

VUT Blackboard is Vaal University of Technology Learning Management System. You can use the blackboard learn to access your courses, grades and submit assignments online.

How to log into vut blackboard

To access VUT blackboard login,

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter your username.
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Click on the Sign In button to log in.
  5. Access your courses, assignments and grades.
  6. From the list where your name appears, you can view a list of your courses.
  7. On the Courses page, you can access all of your courses.

You can view the Courses page as a list or a grid. Each course card lists the course ID, course title, and instructor. If your course has multiple instructors, select Multiple Instructors for a list. Select More info to see the description and schedule, if added.

VUT blackboard login page.
VUT blackboard login page.

Where are my assignments posted in my course?

Your instructors have the option to post assignments in different areas of Blackboard. Some instructors will create a Content Area specifically named Assignments. Other instructors might house assignments in Course Materials. This is why it is important to go through the Course Menu to familiarize yourself with where your instructors have posted materials.

Why do my assignments disappear from view?

Instructors can set date/time restrictions that will restrict your access to an assignment in Blackboard. If your instructor sets a date/time restriction, once that date/time passes you will no longer see that assignment in Blackboard. It is up to the discretion of your instructor if they want to open any assignment.

Check out how to access VUT ITS.

VUT blackboard app download

The Blackboard app helps you to quickly view updates to your courses and content, take assignments and tests, view grades for courses, assignments, and tests.

You can download the blackboard app on Google Play Store or App Store.

How to download and install the blackboard app

  1. Go to Play Store or App store.
  2. Search for blackboard.
  3. Download and install the app on your mobile device.
  4. Open the Blackboard app and search for the full name of your school. (eg. Vaal University of Technology).
  5. Log in with your Blackboard Learn username and password.
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