Helpful Unisa Facebook Groups to Join in 2023

Unisa Facebook Groups to Join

There are useful Unisa Facebook Groups you can join to help you succeed academically as a University of South Africa (UNISA) student. Just as we have useful Unisa Telegram groups, you can also the following Unisa Facebook groups to improve your academic performance.

Let’s dive in quickly.

Unisa Students Lounge  

Unisa Students Lounge Facebook group has over 285k members. This is one of the most popular Unisa Facebook groups, and the group is for all students of the University of South Africa. 

They share helpful Unisa-related materials, modules, courses, assignments, course registration, exams, and academic issues. It is a private group, so anything you post remains only in the group.

Unisa Applications

Unisa Applications is another Unisa Facebook group with over 653k members. Members share information on Unisa Application, admission, application deadline, and registration dates for various modules.

The group is owned by Skills Academy – A distance-learning college offering easy, friendly distance-learning courses and skills development.

Unisa Nsfas Students

If you are a National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) funded student, then the Unisa Nsfas Students Facebook group is for you. It is a private group with over 136k members, and it was created on 28 January 2014.

They discuss NSFAS funding issues, payments, etc. Join like-minded NSFAS-funded Unisa students, ask questions and express your views.

Unisa Students Group

This Unisa Facebook group was created on 7 July 2017 in Pretoria, South Africa, to help all existing and prospective students of the University of South Africa in their studies. Unisa Students Group is a public group with over 132k members.

The group has a handful of dedicated lecturers in universities ready to give back by solving UNISA students’ problems as per their studies. This is an excellent opportunity for all UNISA students to solve all their problems in hours or days. 

The group promises to go the extra mile to intercede on students’ behalf to the appropriate authorities to get the questions solved. Questions about fees, bursary, payment, tutorials, assignments, and examinations are welcome in the group.

Unisa Short Courses

Unisa Short Courses Facebook group is for every Unisa student studying towards a short course or program with Unisa. It was created on 21 May 2020 and now has over 166k members.

You’ll find Unisa Short Course opportunities, make friends with other students studying the same course, etc. 

Unisa Students

UNISA Students platform or a Facebook group with over 290k members and was created on 19 September 2011. This Unisa Facebook Group aims to connect students to share their knowledge and experiences in all areas of life and uphold professional ethics by pushing the boundaries of human knowledge to pursue world-class education.

The mission of the UNISA Students’ platform is to create a safe culture for UNISA students’ interactions globally. With the need to pursue Academic fulfillment – Group Officials are committed to the empowerment of education. 

The group admins welcome constructive ideas and academic debates, and students are encouraged to embark on a journey of intellectual transformation.

UNISA Law certificate, Diploma & LLB

UNISA Law certificate, Diploma & LLB is a private Unisa Facebook group with over 146k members. I recommend this group to you if you are a law student at the University of South Africa.

Law is one of the most demanding courses to offer. Having a group with like-minded students where you can ask questions and share issues is essential. It is vital to join the UNISA Law certificate, Diploma & LLB Facebook group. This is a helpful group to ask questions about your modules, courses, assignments, and Unisa exams.

UNISA Applications And Courses

UNISA Applications And Courses is another private Unisa Facebook group with over 391k members. 

Just as the group’s name implies, it focuses on applications and courses info, questions, and issues. 

UNISA Eup1501

UNISA Eup1501 group is a private Unisa Facebook group for Eup1501 students with 10k members. EUP1501 is a course on Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions.

Students who complete this module will be able to present critical arguments around ICTs for development while appreciating ethical dimensions within an information society concerning copyright and intellectual property rights, privacy, conduct, and expectations. 

In addition, successful students will be able to demonstrate their ability to maintain efficient, organized, and secure electronic working environments by managing digital files, systems, and application software, as well as capabilities related to engaging with textual and numerical data to present information in various formats.

University of South Africa (Unisa) students updates

University of South Africa (Unisa) students updates Facebook group was created on 26 May 2014 to assist UNISA students with assignments, examination dates & tips, prescribed books, and updates regarding UNISA study fees, supplementary fees, etc.

It is a private group with over 56k members and it is one the most helpful Unisa Facebook groups out there.

Unisa Updates

Unisa Updates Facebook group has over 42k members. This group was created on 2 January 2022.

The admins allow students to ask other members questions related to Unisa assignments registration process, myUNISA Login and provide other updates.

Unisa Student Support

Unisa Student Support group is a Facebook group created by Together We Pass, where Unisa students come together and support one another in any way possible with their Unisa studies.

If you need help or support in study materials (study notes and exam packs) and online Unisa study groups for BCom and LLB students, etc., then this group is for you.

Unisa: Higher Certificate in Education

Unisa: Higher Certificate in Education Facebook group is a group for all prospective students interested in studying for the Higher Certificate in Education (or any other higher Education-specific qualification) at the University of South Africa.

This Higher Certificate in Education course is the only Higher Certificate articulating into the UNISA Bachelor of Education Senior Phase and FET qualification. 

Students who completed the Higher Certificate in Education before the stream will still be considered for admission into the Bachelor of Education. 

For the Foundation Phase and Intermediate Phase access, students must have MTE1501 or Matric Mathematics. Students should note that these are year modules except AFL1501, BPT1501, and EUP1501 and should be registered at the beginning of the year.

UNISA Study Materials Share

UNISA Study Materials Share Facebook group members share valuable study materials such as lectures, notes, chapters, questions and answers, video lessons, exercise programs, and other essential documents. 

Away from the updates, admission groups, this is one of the most Helpful Unisa Facebook groups. You will also find help, including the learning pathways from different sources such as online sources and asking friends or taking the help of any third person.

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