UJ uLink: How to Log into University of Johannesburg Student Portal

uj ulink

UJ uLink sign-in page or simply UJ portal is the gateway to the University of Johannesburg’s institutional resources. Just like other university student portals, uLink was created to enable students to perform academic activities.

To gain access to the portal, you must be registered for the year and will need a username and password to log on. View how to create your UJ student email address below.

Use the sign-in form to gain access to the Uj uLink student portal or to reset or create your password.

Once you have added the required information press the return key or click the uj uLink Sign in link.

To access UJ login portal,

  1. Navigate to ulink.uj.ac.za.
  2. Enter your UJ Login ID.
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Click on the “Login” button.
uj ulink sign in page
uj ulink sign in page

Uj uLink is tablet and laptop or desktop-friendly. Therefore, you can tap, click, or swipe to access the services and tools within each of the sections.

Once you’re done with whatever you’re doing, log out to prevent others’ access to your personal info available at the Uj portal.

Uj uLink includes a Notification Centre, the Banners, Modules and Communities, Administrative Utilities, and Services.

The Notification Centre provides you with important messages and a summary of events for the day.

Staff members who access uj uLink from their desktop or laptop computers can post new notifications and or events by clicking on the button.

Here is how to reset your uj ulink student portal password

  1. Click on the forgot password link, or
  2. Contact the enrollment center on +27 11 559-4555 for assistance.

If you are already academically registered for the current or previous academic year, or perhaps you are planning to register academically via the Student Portal (new students) – provided the registration cycle is currently active, and you want to create a password, here is a simple process to go through;

  • Enter your student number
  • Enter your ID number
  • And follow the rest of the processes.

International Students must enter their passport numbers.

The information you entered will be verified against the University of Johannesburg’s database.

After submitting you will be presented with the opportunity to create a new password.

Uj blackboard

Uj blackboard is the University of Johannesburg’s online learning management platform. Here, students can access learning materials anywhere at any time.

To log into UJ uLink blackboard,

  1. Visit uj.blackboard.com
  2. Enter your username
  3. Enter your password
  4. Click on “Sign In

You can also use your uLink credentials to log into UJ blackboard.

Download the Uj blackboard App for students. This enables you to receive mobile updates about your courses, complete assessments, participate in discussions, join Collaborate sessions, and view your grades.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to register using uj ulink student portal.

Step 1

  • Log onto the registration portal via ulink.uj.ac.za using your STUDENT NUMBER and
  • If you do not have a password, click on CREATE A PASSWORD to continue.

Step 2

  • Click on ITS IENABLER under Administrative Utilities.
  • Click on REGISTRATION on the left of the page to start the registration process.
  • Detailed instruction of how to use each option can be accessed by clicking on the blue
    question-mark at each process.

Step 3

  • Work your way through all the processes listed on the left.
  • Make sure you verify your contact details
  • Read the Academic Registration Rules or Agreement and click on I ACCEPT to be able to continue with Online Registration.
  • Click on Cheque and Credit card payment to make a payment (no debit card payments accepted).

Step 4

  • Click on SUBMIT REGISTRATION to confirm your qualification to be registered for.
  • Enter your EMPLOYMENT STATUS and select whether you are responsible for your own
    account. If not supply the third party information requested.
  • Select your combination of modules to be taken and click on SAVE AND PROCEED
  • Verify the modules you plan to Register for and click on CONTINUE
  • Verify your Registration Cost and click on ACCEPT REGISTRATION

How to check uj application status

To check your application status, log on to the Student Portal application status page. It looks like this in the image below.

uj application status checker
uj application status checker screenshot

On this page, you can check the status of your application. Only first-time entering students can check their application status, returning students have to contact 011 559 4555.

You can also check the status of your NSFAS application.

Just enter your student number, if you do not have a student number you can use your ID/Passport number to search.

Don’t forget to enter the capture field before clicking on the “Search” button.

Congrats if you’ve been admitted.

Frequently asked questions

These are what others are asking regarding UJ uLink sign-in and its relating issues.

How do I log into my UJ login portal?

To log in:
Simply type your UJ network account username (email username without the @uj.edu) and password in the login box at the top of the page, then click login. If you are still in candidate status and are not registered for any courses please use the ID number and pin given to you by the admission department

How do I create a student email for UJ?

Go to your UJ email account (UJ Students E-mail; UJ Student Portal; UJ Staff e-mail) and click on the link provided by RefWorks. Once you activate your account (you’ll receive an email with a link to complete the registration process), you’ll get access immediately and can get started managing your documents.

Are UJ Applications open for 2022?

Applications open on 1 April of the year preceding the year of the intended study. It closes on 30 September 2022 at 12:00 noon for Honours and Coursework Masters. Research Master and Ph.D. closing 31 October 2022 at 12:00.

How do I apply online for 2022 at UJ?

You may apply online at uj.ac.za and follow a link to study @UJ to either apply online or you may download the application form, which should either be submitted to the Student Enrolment Centre or mailed to the University.

How do I connect to UJ WiFi?

Open your web browser and on the Internet Portal page, enter the following:
1. Username: studentnumber@student.uj.ac.za
2. Password: Enter your password
3. Select “Continue”
Note: Internet usage is subject to a daily allocated data bundle.

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    • Request for a new password by clicking on the forgot password link, or Contact the enrollment center on +27 11 559-4555 for assistance. Hope this helps.


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