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uds student portal

Udsmis is the student portal for the students of the University for Development Studies. The Management Information System of the university (UDS MIS student portal) enables students to register courses, check results, or perform other vital academic processes.

To login to udsmis student portal, click This Link and enter your student ID and password in the fields provided.

How to reset udsmis password

To reset your student portal password,

  1. Click on the “I Forgot my password” on the login page of the student portal.
  2. Enter your student ID.
  3. Provide either your E-mail address or the phone number you used to activate your account.
  4. Next click on the submit button. Do not click Submit if you do not have access to your email or phone.

How to change your email address, phone number or profile picture

If you want to change your email address or phone number for any reason, just log in to the student portal, click on the main window, select My Profile menu and make changes to the entries to the right-hand side and click on the submit button.

To change your profile (passport) picture,

  • Log in to the student portal,
  • Click on the main window,
  • Select Profile Picture,
  • Click on the browser button to select and upload a picture,
  • Finally, click submit if the picture uploads and is the correct picture.

Note: You must upload a passport-sized photograph but not the full picture.

How to login as a first time user

udsmis student portal
udsmis student portal page

Before you sign in to udsmis as a first time user or a fresh student,

You will need a passport photograph, an active email address, and a mobile phone
number. Recommended email accounts are the institutional email (@uds.edu.gh) or Gmail.

Provide your Student ID number and the default password 123456 on uds mis Sign-in page to start your accounts activation process.

Note: For fresh students, use the Newly admitted and cannot log in, click “Link for freshers who can not log in” link and follow the instructions.

Next, verify your information. Click “Yes” to confirm or “No” to decline.

See Also: UG MIS Web: How to Access University of Ghana ITS Web Interface

Upload your profile picture

  • Upload your passport-sized photograph through the page.
  • Do not upload a full-size photograph of yourself.
  • Note: This passport picture will be printed on all documents obtained from uds site. So make sure you upload a picture that represents your professional self.

Profile settings

  • Provide your profile details (gender, date of birth, email address, mobile phone
    number, etc) on this page.
  • Note: You must use an active email address through which an activation code will be delivered to you.

Account activation

  • Complete your account activation by providing the activation code that is delivered to your email address.
  • Note: If you have not received the activation code, re‐send it or verify your email address at Profile Settings (by clicking the << back to profile settings).

Uses of udsmis student portal

Course registration: You can check available courses to be registered in your program and level on the course registration page. Use this same page to go through the course registration process.

If registration is due in any semesters, you will be shown your Trailed and Previously Deferred courses (if available) that will be registered first. You will then be given the current Core and Elective courses to make your selection in the registration process.

Course registration will available throughout the registration period and will be closed if the period expires. Opportunity may be given for the edit of your registered courses if need be by your department.

Edit registration: You can edit your registered courses before the registration date expires. You can also remove, defer, add courses or even De-register your courses to restart the registration process all over again.

Results: Two types of results can be accessed via udsmis page.

1. Provisional results.

2. Your final published results with appropriate CGPAs

Assessment form: You can assess the courses you study and/or lecturers who lecture
those courses. Only courses you register can be assessed by you.

Mails: Check for incoming mails. You can also send any complaint you have to your
Exams Officer, HOD, or the DEAN via the portal.

Clearance: Obtain a Clearance Form from your page after you have completed your studies and have settled all liabilities with the varsity.

Profile picture: As I stated above, the portal provides you the opportunity to change your profile passport picture.

Edit your profile info: You can access your basic information on your dashboard. You can then change your email address or your telephone number on the page. If changing your email address, make sure you use a correct and active email address.

Fees: Check your fee history.

If you’re finding difficulties opening the portal,

Make sure you get the portal address or URL correctly (www.udsmis.com).

Your ID number should be correct and appears exactly as it is on your student ID card.

The caps lock (Capital Letters) on your keyboard should be off or on to capture your password correctly.

Lastly, clear your browser cache or change the browser or the device (phone/computer) you are using to access the page.

If you face any complaints or issues regarding uds student portal (udsmis), contact the following email addresses;

  • udsonlinemis@gmail.com
  • udsonlinereg@gmail.com
  • onlinereg@uds.edu.gh.
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    • Click on the “I Forgot my password” on the login page of the student portal.

      Enter your student ID.

      Provide either your E-mail address or the phone number you used to activate your account.

      Next click on the submit button. Do not click Submit if you do not have access to your email or phone.


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