UCT 2019/2020 Applications Deadline Alert

uct 2019 application deadline

Individuals planning to apply for undergraduate studies at the University of Cape Town (UCT) are reminded that they have until 31 July 2019 to submit their applications for the 2020 academic year.

With the deadline for applications fast approaching, aspirant UCT undergraduates are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

“No late applications will be accepted,” Carl Herman, director of Admissions at UCT, cautioned.

Applicants should note the earlier closing date this year, which in previous years has been only at the end of September. This new closing date will allow UCT to make conditional offers earlier which, in turn, gives prospective students and their families more time to consider and accept. It also affords faculties ample opportunity to reflect on and prepare for their pool of candidates.

“One of the key principles we have at UCT is that every admission criterion … must be accessible to all applicants.”

By the 31 July deadline, over 40 000 individuals are expected to have applied for admission to study towards an undergraduate degree at UCT. This is in line with previous annual figures, which have increased every year.

These 40 000-plus applicants will be whittled down to fill UCT’s available places, numbering just over 4 000.

In 2018, the university fell short of meeting its target of 4 200 first-time students, enrolling 3 912 across the faculties. The university has implemented several interventions and has managed to arrest the decline of this take-up rate (the number of enrolments as a percentage of offers made).

What you need to know

Among the requirements of which first-time applicants should be aware are that, before applying to UCT, they must register for the National Benchmark Test (NBT), which is mandatory for South Africans.

Once registered, applicants are encouraged to apply online, where they are presented with everything they’ll need, including the ability to capture Grade 11 and mock examination results.

If applicants encounter any issues in the application process, there is a “Need Help?” tab on the top right of the page. Using this function, applicants can send an email directly to the Admissions Office.

A question that is often asked is how applicants can make their applications stand out. There is no way to do this; UCT publishes a set of criteria for admission, and that’s all that is considered.

“One of the key principles we have at UCT is that every admission criterion … must be accessible to all applicants,” said Herman.

“You can’t have some criteria that are accessible to some applicants and not to others.”

It is also important to note that a fee must be paid with every application. The fee structure is available online for more information.

Finally, applicants can monitor their applications online.

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