TUT ITS: Helpful Guide to Access TUT Login Portal 2023

tut its login guide

TUT ITS is the name of the student portal of the Tshwane University of Technology. As a current student, this is where you will find important information about schedules, exam results, and student support.

You can also find quick links to the online registration system, your student email, MyTUTor, and the library.

How to log into TUT ITS

To access TUT ITS enabler login page,

  1. Navigate to itstutprodi4app.tut.ac.za.
  2. Enter your student number.
  3. Enter your PIN.
  4. Hit the Login button to access your TUT login portal.
TuT Its login interface.

TUT ITS enables students at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) to access academic and financial information on their mobile devices.

ITS provides students with access to their university data from a variety of mobile platforms, including tablets, smartphones, and other cellphones.

TUT ITS uses

The Tshwane University of Technology students portal gives you 24×7 on-demand access to available academic, financial and residential information to students, including;

  • exam timetable information,
  • exam results,
  • registration information,
  • admission status,
  • financial statements and
  • financial aid information.

TUT myTuTor


TUT myTuTor is an online eLearning portal for Tshwane University of Technology students.

How to access and change myTUTor password

  1. Your Username is your student number.
  2. Your Password is the same as your TUT4life email password.
  3. To reset or create a new password click here.
  4. Submit both your valid student number and identity number (ID).
  5. To configure a new password, select and retype the new password applying the on-screen Password Rules.
  6. Return to the myTUTor home page and log in following 1-2.

Always use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your browser to access myTUTor. Also, it takes 24 to 48 hours for profiles and subjects to be synced on myTUTor after registration.

If after 48 hours you still cannot log in or see all your subjects, then contact the myTUTor service desk at 012 382 4427 or myTUTor@tut.ac.za.

How to check your TUT status 2023

Use the tut check status page to check your application status. To check your status,

  1. Navigate to ienabler.tut.ac.za.
  2. Enter ID Number to see your Application Status and Student Number.
  3. Alternatively, if you don’t have an ID Number, enter your;
    • Surname
    • Full Name
    • Date of Birth
  4. Click Submit.

If you face any issues logging in to TUT ITS or any related problem, let me know in the comment section.

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  1. Greetings Eriq, I am trying to use the ITS enabler and when i enter my passport number or alternatively my name, date of birth and the like , the response i get is that there is no information or something so i don’t know if there is any problem with my account or it is not registered.

    Please assist

  2. I never requested to get my ITS pin but I’ve received it now..when I try to login it says that I’ve reached limits for login

  3. Good day

    I need a pin so that I can register to study Office Management and Technology with TUT. I wish to do so this year because it is going to be discontinue next year.

  4. My application status is blank it started off by saying addmission without status now it’s blank can you please assist

  5. Hi, I am a former student at TUT, I last studied there in 2007. I am experiencing problems trying to apply this year. When I apply the system says I already have a student number and I don’t know how to register on the ITS sytem. Please help

  6. I have been trying to log into my ITS since yesterday but it says maximum unsuccessful login attempts reached and I entered all my information correctly,now my account has been locked

    • Hi Jack,

      It means there many students on the website and this puts pressure on the server. You can try logging in later. Good luck.

      • I have been trying to log into my ITS since yesterday but it says maximum unsuccessful login attempts reached and I entered all my information correctly,now my account has been locked

        • Hi Nathan,

          There’s pressure on the system, so try again later. If your account is blocked, contact the IT department to resolve it.

  7. I’ve been trying to log in to my ITS system and it won’t let me through, it keeps on saying illegal log in and I don’t get the email when I request the pin, I think it is sent to the wrong email that was captured by tut. So how do I solve it?

    • On the ITS login page, enter your student number and click on “Forgot Pin” and change your password. Hope this works. Good luck!!!


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