South Africans Take to Twitter to Give First-years Advice on How to Survive on Campus

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Just a few days after the release of the 2018 matric results, South Africans have taken to Twitter to give the soon-to-be first year tertiary students some tips on how to survive the big world.

Last week, the IEB and NSC matric results were released with a pass rate of 98.92% and 78.2% respectively.

In the coming weeks thousands from the class of 2018 will flock to universities, Tvet colleges and other institutions of higher learning to begin their journey as tertiary students.

The University of the Witwatersrand reported 70,349 applications for first-time first year students for 2019. Many universities across the country will begin their registration processes in the coming weeks.

As first-time tertiary students gear up for this life-changing chapter, current and former students have taken to Twitter to give “freshers” advice on how to survive the academic, financial and social challenges that come with being a student.

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Don’t listen to people who say stupid things like this. Distinctions are not impossible to get. Work hard and do your best nana!! Don’t just aim to pass.

Remember you still need to qualify for postgrad, graduate programs, scholarships etc

— daughter of the morning (@SK_Wela_) January 4, 2019

Take care of your roommate. Don’t be the reason his/her life go into a tailspin. #freshersadvice#WitsFreshersAdvice

— Mopedi Thwiii???????? and 99 others (@mphelagphasha) January 5, 2019

To new university entrants: University Administration Offices are full of sexual predators, protect yourself. Don’t sell your body for a room or admission. Call home, ask a friend, a relative. Yes, you’re dependent but not alone.#freshersadvice

— Edwin Hlangwani (@BecomingDrEdd) January 4, 2019

I can’t stress this enough: don’t settle for mediocrity even if it’s the popular thing to do. People will tell you that it’s ok if you just scrape by, but if you’ve got the capacity to do well, use it. Honour the students who would do anything to have your place. #FreshersAdvice

— aasif (@aasifbulbulia) January 5, 2019

YouTube channels that will help you.
Learn ChemE
Chemical Engineering Guy
Khan Academy
Michel van Biezen
PatrickJMT (maths)
Tyler DeWitt (chemistry)
Sarah May Sibug-Torres(Physical chemistry) #FreshersAdvice #MatricResults

— fx-991ZA PLUS (@_boikago) January 5, 2019

Dear first years

A good assignment is done a day before the submission. Trust me on this.#freshersadvice#UJFreshersAdvice

— Tsumbo Nethamba (@Tsoombo__1607) January 6, 2019

Don’t entertain the idea of stronger and weaker courses. The brain capability lies within you as an individual.

Get your degree and leave.#varsityfreshersadvice#witsfreshersadvice#FreshersAdvice

— God’s Greatness (@OurLove_M) January 4, 2019

Girls, Campus Clinics offer free contraceptives. Dont be scared, those nurses actually WANT you to be safe.#freshersadvice

— Luh Ndlovu (@Lungelo_N) January 5, 2019

Don’t be intimidated by people who are forever studying,know who you are and just do you, don’t forget to set your own standards instead of living up to people’s standards#WitsFreshersAdvice#freshersadvice #UPFreshersAdvice

— Iam.Mbuso_s (@MbusoIam) January 4, 2019

Meet people. Network.
Be real to yourself and those around you. There are 37000 outfits on campus so no one will be following what you wear#FreshersAdvice#Witsfreshersadvice

— God’s Greatness (@OurLove_M) January 2, 2019

#FreshersAdvice #MatricResults2018 #Bachelor #Matric

— UJ Humor (@UJHumor) January 4, 2019

Noni Radebe, a South African YouTuber also shared 22 tips on how to survive university first year.

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