Puff and Pass Internships and Bursaries in South Africa 2023

puff and pass internships
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Puff and Pass is a South African website that brings together the best collection of internships, learnerships, and anything else to help students get started with their careers.

It is basically a bursary, internship, apprenticeship, learnership hunting site. Puff and Pass is always updated with all information needed by the youth of South Africa especially the graduates who want to start a career.

Many students have given wonderful success stories of how they used puffandpass.co.za for internships and which in most cases resulted in permanent jobs.

Puff and pass internships

An internship is an opportunity for people with a degree or diploma to gain practical experience in a possible place of employment or in their field of study.

Most universities or colleges, degrees, or diplomas do not provide all the skills and knowledge to prepare candidates for the real world.

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The practical skills and knowledge gained through an internship will give the candidate more self-confidence and understanding of their work environment.

Internships can range between a week and 12 months, during which candidates will bridge the gap between the work environment and the academic know-how they gained at university.

Many companies look for interns to work with and puffandpass.co.za is the best place to get updated on the latest opportunities.

While many internships are unpaid, you may find an internship opportunity where you earn wages.

puff and pass website menu

Log on to the puff and pass website, and click on ‘Internships‘ on the main menu located at the top left side of the page if you’re using desktop and on mobile, it is located in the footer section.

This will take you to the internship category page where you’ll see the latest internships available.

Puff n pass also helps applicants on how to apply, how to write a cover letter, and how to write a professional CV.

They also provide cover letter templates, and CV template available for download.

To get the best out of puff n pass, subscribe to their newsletter. They’ll send you internships/learnerships of your interest.

To subscribe, go to the site and look for “Get update via Email” then:

  • It’s on the right if you’re using a computer,
  • Bottom of the screen if you’re using a phone.

You’ll need to respond to the activation email to finish the process.

Puff and pass learnerships

A learnership is a vocational education and training program to facilitate the linkage between structured learning and work experience in order to obtain a registered qualification.

They were introduced by the government to help skill learners and to prepare them for the workplace.

It combines theory and workplace practice into a qualification. Learnerships are managed by the Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs).

A learnership program leads to a registered qualification and consists of a theoretical course, as well as practical training, which is done at the workplace.

Learnerships offer training in a specific field while earning money simultaneously, and is primarily for people with matric as their highest qualification.


An apprenticeship is usually acquired in trades such as plumbing, engineering, electrical, etc. It is trade-specific. An apprenticeship could last three to four years, depending on the duration of the program.

The experience and skills are gained through practical labor at a possible place of employment.

It is possible to earn an authorized qualification during the course of an apprenticeship and possible employment after the completion of the program.

Apprenticeships usually concentrate on more practical professions that require anything from three to six years of training.

Any candidate will have to ensure that he/she meets the requirements for the apprenticeship they wish to enter and because of the nature and long period of apprenticeships, there are often guarantees of permanent employment on completion.

You can also find many apprenticeship opportunities on the puff and pass website.

Puff and Pass bursaries

There are a number of student bursaries available in South Africa, but most students are not aware of the opportunities available to them.

Financial constraints do not need to hinder students’ studies. Puffandpass.co.za lists student bursary or scholarship opportunities.

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