NSS Portal: How to Log into your NSS Dashboard 2020

NSS portal login dashboard

NSS portal is the portal for NSS personnel to log in and access and manages important info regarding the National Service Scheme.

The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a youth-focused program designed to provide young Ghanaian graduates with practical experiences that were not provided in the classroom.

Once the public NSS posting is announced, you can access your account to see where you will be heading and to get your NSS login credentials.

NSS portal login

Nss portal sign in page
Nss portal sign in page

NSS personnel are strongly encouraged to log into their NSS dashboard. The process is as follows:

  1. Visit portal.nss.gov.gh
  2. Go to the top green icon and click “Sign In
  3. Select the option “Sign In As Personnel
  4. On the login page, enter your username (the email you used during registration)
  5. Enter your PIN CODE as your password
  6. Click on the green “Log In” button to access your dashboard.

How to retrieve your pin code via NSS dashboard

After payment, you will proceed to check the pin code in the system. The steps include:

  • Go to the NSS portal
  • Click on the dashboard menu “Check & Pay For PIN CODE
  • Enter your Index No. or your School ID No.
  • Click search
  • A display of your PIN CODE and personal data will appear. Write down your PIN CODE for future reference.

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Features of Nss dashboard

The NSS dashboard has many features that can be used to do a lot of things.

  • Replace lost ID
  • Check NSS Posting
  • Print NSS posting letter
  • Replace lost ID
  • Update registration form
  • Request for NSS certificate
  • View Online Registration Form
  • Print NSS Monthly Evaluation Form
  • Request changes in name and other details
  • Place Order for Items (NSS Life Starter Deals)
  • Regional Registration Verification Appointment.

How to reset your NSS portal login password

Nss password reset page

Changing your password on your nss personnel dashboard is very easy. Here is a step-by-step guide below.

Step 1

This step involves if you just want to change your login password.

  • On your NSS dashboard, click on “Reset Password” at your left-hand side on the screen
  • Enter your old password
  • Enter new password
  • Re-enter your new password
  • Click on “Update Password”.

Remember: You must have the proper credentials to access your NSS Dashboard.

Step 2

If you have forgotten your password, then you need to request a new one.

To reset your nss portal dashboard password, provide the email you submitted during registration and click on “Send Me Reset Link” as seen in the image above.

An email with instructions on how to allow you access your account in order to create a new password will be sent to you.

Check your email and follow the process.

Frequently asked questions

These are common questions asked about NSS portal with their answers. If you have other questions which are not covered here, feel free to ask via the comment section below.

How can I check my NSS posting 2020?

How to check national service posting on your phone or any other device in 2020

Click this link: portal.nss.gov.gh/check-posting.
Enter your User ID and Password.
You’ll see a page showing where you have been posted to.
Click on “print” to print the page.

How do I retrieve my NSS password?

To reset your Nss password, provide the email you submited during registration and click on “Send Me Reset Link“. An email with instructions on how to allow you access your account in order to create a new password will be sent to you.

How do I register for NSS in Ghana?

Go to the NSS Registration Portal, and enter your username (School Index number or ID number), and your password (payment pincode) to login and access the NSS application form.

What are the benefits of NSS?

NSS helps you to grow individually and also as a group. It makes you confident, develop leadership skills, and gain knowledge about different people from different walks of life in Ghana and other parts of the world. You also learn other skills that help you lead a better life in various situations.


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