Mku Student Portal: Mount Kenya University Students Online Portal

mku student portal

Mku Student Portal is provided by Mount Kenya University and enables students to gain access to personalized information as well as other important updates regarding your academics.

Understanding how it operates is vital for any student as it will give you access to services quickly and more conveniently.

Mount Kenya University (MKU) is a fully-fledged chartered university with an overall goal of promoting human resource development for society’s progressive good.

At its main campus in Thika town on the outskirts of Kenya’s capital Nairobi, the university is transforming a hitherto industrial town into an educational hub.

The university also offers a wide range of academic and professional courses, through various flexible modes that include E-learning, evening classes, weekend classes, and Distance and Institution Based E-Learning (DIBeL).

With the huge number of learners at Mount Kenya University, providing students with services and information in an easy and efficient way is very important.

To achieve this, the University developed the Mku Student Portal to bring essential services to the learners hassle-free.

Click to log in.

Why use the Mku Student Portal?

Your student online portal gives you access to a number of services and personalized information. The website enables you to access;

  • Access ICT support services
  • Degree audit report
  • E-Learning portal
  • Student clearance
  • Course registration
  • Results
  • Messages and calendar
  • Course schedule
  • Student account

How to create mku student portal account

New students are encouraged to create Mku Student Portal account on the platform. Here’s a detailed guide.

  1. Access the online student portal
  2. Under the Home tab, find “Applicants / New Students” section
  3. Enter your “Application Ref. No:”______
    Ref No. or Index No / Exam Year The year of registration must be in full eg 01234567001/2015
  4. Click on “Generate Letter of offer“.

how to create account on mku student portal

How to log into Mku Student online portal

  1. Open MKU Website using this address
  2. Look at the Top Main Menu – Click on “Student”.
  3. In this section click on “Student Portal
  4. You can directly access the MKU Student Portal using this URL
    Now Type your Student ID / Reg. Number The year of registration must be in full eg ../2020
  5. Finally, Type your password (without spaces) and log in.

Mku student portal login

How to recover forgotten password

For lost or forgotten passwords kindly contact the ICT department through for assistance.


Why is Mku Student Portal closed early without student fully registering their units?

Unit registration has deadlines. All students are required to register for units on offer for a particular semester/trimester at the beginning of the semester within the first four weeks upon payment of 30% of the semester/trimester fees.

The purpose of online unit registration is for the university to be able to plan for the semester/trimester which if not adhered to will inconvenience other processes in the University.

For digital varsity students, notes and other student materials can only be accessed upon registration of units. It is, therefore, necessary that registration is done at the beginning of the semester and not every time.

Where should students collect their Result Slips?

Students should view their results online from their students’ portals ( In case one wishes to take the physical slip to the parent/guardian/employer the HOD/Coordinator can issue a signed and stamped copy.


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