eFundi Login: How to Access NWU Learning Management System 2023

Nwu efundi

eFundi is the North-West University instance of Sakai, an open-source Learning Management System (LMS), that provides NWU staff with the tools to support teaching, learning, and research activities.

The system has so many features. In this post, we’ll learn about eFundi login, changing password and email, submitting your assignment, and many more.

How to log into eFundi

Follow the processes below to access eFundi login.

  1. Open a web browser. The system requires the most up-to-date version of your Internet browser. For the best experience, I encourage you to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  2. In the address field (where you usually see a website address), click on or type efundi.nwu.ac.za.
  3. Hit the enter button on your keyboard.
  4. The eFundi login page will appear.
  5. At the top right-hand corner of the computer screen, you will see a button labeled “Login“. Click on it.
  6. You will now see a screen where you can enter your Username and Password.
  7. In the Username field, type in your NWU student number.
  8. Click on the Login button.
eFundi login required.
eFundi login required.

If you’re a first-time user, log in with your username (your 8-digit NWU student number) and your password.

Your password will initially be your South African identification number, followed by “@Nwu” or for international students (Including students from Namibia) this password consists of your passport number followed by “@Nwu“, e.g. 9302215067088@Nwu.

Remember after 90 days, your password will expire. You will need to change your password before this time or you will need to request a new password.

We’ll talk about that below.

How to change your eFundi password

Your NWU eFundi password expires every 90 days just like the student portals of other South African universities. If you want to change your password, read on.

On the main page (before you log in), click on “Reset Password

To get a new password click on the link and provide the system with the following information:

Student number, identity or passport number, and your cell phone number or email address. If this information is verified with the information on your academic record, your password will be sent by SMS or by email within an hour depending on your network.

If your information does not verify visit Academic Administration to update your information.

When you change your current password, ensure you change your password to something that only you will easily remember.

Update your nwu email address

As a student at North-West University, you are required to provide the university with an NWU email address. This email address will be used by the NWU to send you official information.

If you do not have a personal e-mail address on the system, add one as soon as possible. You can change your email address by clicking on Change/Update your contact info.

Submitting an assignment via nwu eFundi

Depending on how your lecturer has set up the site you would be able to access the assignment either by clicking on the assignments tool to open up your assigned assignments.


By clicking on the link to the assignment within the module content (Lessons tool). Pay attention to the due date of the assignment as well as the assignment submission instructions.

  1. To view the assignment, click on the title of an assignment in the assignment list.
  2. To submit your assignment Browse for your assignment on your computer.
  3. The attached assignment will appear under the heading Submission.
  4. If you want to remove the attachment click on Remove. To submit a new copy, click on Browse again to upload another file.
  5. Click Submit if you are ready to submit, then you should see a confirmation message.

Key features of eFundi

Here are some key features of NWU eFundi;

Instruction: The LMS provides the opportunity to create and grade assignments using the Assignments tool; calculate, store and distribute grades to students in the Gradebook tool; Organize text, resources, quizzes, tests, assignments, media, and other content using the Lesson tool; Post a summary outline of module requirements using the Syllabus tool; Create and manage online assessments in the Tests & Quizzes tool, and facilitate and grade online discussions in the Forums tool.

Communication & Collaboration: With tools such as Announcements, Calendar, Chat, Forums, Dropbox, Messages, Podcasts, Polls, Wiki, Blog, and Lessons, it is easy to keep communication channels with students open and allow students to collaborate and generate their own knowledge.

User features: eFundi gateway allows all users to connect with others with the same interests using the Connections feature. Users can now also personalize their experience by choosing their own navigation and updating their profiles. A permanent chat feature allows users to communicate across disciplines.

Site features: Create groups for communication, grading, permission, collaboration, assignments, or assessment purposes. Customize your landing page for your module to welcome your students. Keep track of student activity on your site using the statistics tool. Manage your resources and users.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to be able to use eFundi?

1. Access to the Internet (in the event of a cell phone or router, you will need airtime or data).
2. A web browser (this is the software on the computer, laptop, cell phone that is needed to visit the Internet).
Use Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome or Safari. Do not use Internet Explorer.

Can I access eFundi on my smartphone?

Yes, you can. Although due to the small screen size many of the study material or learning activities will be difficult to view. It is suggested that you access eFundi via a tablet (such as an iPad or Samsung Galaxy tablet), laptop, or desktop computer.

What is efundi cas?

eFundi CAS is a private network of the North-West University in South Africa. CAS stands for Central Authentication Service.

How do I access eFundi?

Enter efundi.nwu.ac.za in your browser. The eFundi login page will appear. In the Username field, type in your NWU student number. Next, enter your password to log in.

How do I change my nwu eFundi email?

1. On the eFundi Landing page (BEFORE you click on the login link)
select “Change/update Contact info: (eMail, Cellphone number)”
2. Sign in using your student number and NWU password (the same you use to sign in to eFundi)
3. Check that your contact information is correct. If needed, change/update any of the information and then click the “Submit” button.
4. It can take up to 48 hours for the change to take effect.

What is eFundi?

eFundi is the NWU’s learning management system. A learning and teaching platform that connects registered students and lecturers online. eFundi also serves as a communication platform on which lecturers make course announcements or post-test results.

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