21 Short Courses to Study at Central University of Technology

Central University of Technology cut short courses

Central University of Technology CUT short courses are NQF rated and accredited and range from accounting to built environment and are facilitated through the Institute for Continuing Education (ICE).

Short courses are available to add an edge to an already well sorted resume, or as an introduction to a field of interest.

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This helps qualify the you, with knowledge needed for their specific field of interest. CUT short courses engage all participants and always deliver challenging and up-to-date content for the best experience and in depth understanding.

Management Programmes

Leadership development

Public administration management

Wholesale and retails management

Occupationally directed education training and development practices

General management

Disaster risk management

Environmental management

Food manufacturing management

SAQ ID:58345
NQF Level:04
Minimum Credits:150
Duration: 12 Months
Price: R 25,000.00

Environmental practice

Governance programmes

Municipal integrated development planning

Local economic development

Public finance management and administration

Municipal governance

Community development: Local economic development

Municipal finance management

Municipal finance and administration

Media & information technology programmes

Music industry sound technology

Radio production

Broadcast engineering

Film and television production



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