Africavarsities provides news on top universities and colleges in Africa. Want to know what’s going on in the higher education sector in Africa? Then get connected to us where you will find news across the entire spectrum – university, college, and skills sectors.

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Africavarsities.com also gathers the various courses for study, career info, prospectus, student portals, and admission info from the top African universities.

Africavarsities.com was launched in 2018 with a vision to make information about African universities available in one place for Students, Parents, and Researchers.

Today, we have expanded our information base to Exams, Courses, News as well, providing a holistic view of the African Education sector.

We are a team of highly motivated 10 members dedicated to making Africavarsities the first choice for a researcher to visit when it comes to Higher Education in Africa. We are constantly looking for students to join our Workforce in order to make it even stronger while building their working experience as well.

We also provide you with scholarship opportunities available for undergraduate and postgraduate students in the biggest varsities in Africa and around the world (study abroad scholarship opportunities).

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