9 Reasons Why Every Student Should Be on LinkedIn

I know the only thing you think about LinkedIn as a student is getting a job, others see it as just another social network like Facebook but that’s not all about it.

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn has grown to be that platform that has the top professionals in various fields connecting with each other.

And this creates a great opportunity for anyone who wants to get to the top.

Is LinkedIn useful for students?

Yes! And here are 9 reasons why you should be on the platform.

1. Networking with top professionals

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. The platform offers you an opportunity to connect and network with professionals all around the globe.

You can also connect with your college students and university lectures.

There are various groups as per the sectors which also will not only help you to network but also get much information related to your industry and area of interest.

2. Prospective employers will check you out online

  • 70% of employers have rejected a candidate because of information they found about them online.
  • 85% of employers say that a positive online reputation influences their hiring decision.

These stats are enough for you to take your online presence serious. And it is enough reason to create an account on LinkedIn or if you already have an account, you might want to edit your profile properly to stand out.

3. Personal branding

Remember I stated that prospective employers check you out online. Your LinkedIn profile is meant to add a bit more flavor to who you are.

The summary section of your LinkedIn can get personal and opens up an opportunity for you to voice some of your ideas and goals.

It’s written in a more casual way and allows you to write about who you truly are without being limited by the strict etiquette that resumes must follow.

4. Check out career paths

With LinkedIn, you can easily find people who are already employed in your desired profession. Check out their profiles to see what they have done to become successful. See if you can incorporate something from their career path into yours.

5. Company research

One of the biggest benefits LinkedIn offers university students and job seekers is that you can check out the pages of your targeted employers.

By visiting the company pages, you can conduct research on the whereabouts of the company, the hiring process and what people have to say about that organization.

Doing this kind of company research on LinkedIn can always keep a stay ahead of your competition and increases your employability.

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It also shows how many current job openings that the company has and how many people in your network are employed there.

6. Internships

If there is a company that you would like to work for or an internship that interests you, LinkedIn can help you find a common connection to someone at that place of business. This feature can also help you get a job while in school.

7. Prepare for interviews

When you have a job or internship interview, review the profile of the person who will interview you. Having this background knowledge during the interview will help impress the interviewer.

8. Recommendations

LinkedIn also offers a feature through which you can get other people to recommend you. People with a maximum number of recommendations have a great chance of attracting the employers’ attention.

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If you’re a student you should try to get as many recommendations as possible to increase your employability.

9. Getting job alerts

Just like Google alerts once you create your account on LinkedIn, you can set email alerts to receive notifications of recommended jobs. You will be able to see the notification as soon as you log into your LinkedIn accounts.

LinkedIn has other features which also help you find job opportunities easily. When you click on the Jobs link, it shows jobs that are compatible with your profile.

LinkedIn tells you how many people in your network or group who works at the company. Those people can help you get the job that you are interested in.

9 Reasons Why Every Student Should Be on LinkedIn 1

9 Reasons Why Every Student Should Be on LinkedIn 4
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I'm the content manager for africavarsties.com. I'm just another internet enthusiast who likes sharing useful information online for higher ed students, and that makes me happy.

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